Since 1973, Singapore Zoo has been known for having among the most beautiful wildlife park settings in the world, where animals roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats.

Nine-time winner of the coveted Best Leisure Attraction Experience award by the Singapore Tourism Board, our 26-hectare wildlife park is nestled within the lush Mandai rainforest that stretches into the magnificent Upper Seletar Reservoir. More than 2,800 animals representing over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles call Singapore Zoo home.

Singapore Zoo is the first zoo in the world to feature a free-ranging area for the orang utans, our flagship species.

Our orang utan habitat is one of our biggest exhibits and certainly the most unique. Two free-ranging areas, an island and a boardwalk complete with tall trees and thick vegetation, have been created for visitors to view these fascinating creatures. The absence of walls and the inclusion of the raised boardwalk allow guests to have an almost entirely 360 degree view at an elevated angle.

Singapore Zoo is home to two species of orang utans: the Bornean orang utan and the Sumatran orang utan. How are the two different? The Sumatran orang utan has a rich rust-brown coat. Adults often sport a golden beard – even the females! Conversely, the Bornean species are much darker in colour.