All you need to know about SLES

What is SLES?

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) is a program designed to assist Year 12 school leavers, aged 16-19, to gain hands-on work experience and prepare for employment. Existing NDIS participants and those eligible to apply for funding can apply to take part in the SLES program.


Why is SLES important?

Finishing school is a significant life event for most young people, as is the subsequent transition into work – even more so perhaps for those with a disability.

The SLES program is designed to bridge the gap between school and work while paving the way for a smoother transition into employment.

Giving graduates the skills, knowledge and confidence to participate in the workforce after school is the main aim of SLES.


What’s the difference between SLES and DES?

Disability Employment Services (DES) candidates are generally more ready for employment than those needing School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES).

DES participants are those who have been assessed as being able to work eight hours or more per week within the next two years.

DES helps participants to search for employment, get a job and maintain that employment.

Those who need support to build their capacity to be able to work eight hours a week may be eligible for SLES.

SLES candidates can apply for up to two years of funding to support your transition from school to work.

During that time, a SLES program is more focused on building capacity and getting ready to work, rather than finding a job straight away.

Once the SLES program is complete, ongoing support for participants continues under DES.


What’s involved in SLES?

School leavers whose funding has been approved can receive support for up to two years. That support is focused on work-readiness and opportunities to improve employment options.

SLES activities may include:

Core skills training and education:

– Money handling

– Time management

– Taking instructions

– Understanding workplace expectations

– Interview and resume preparation

– Travel assistance

– Budgeting

–  Work experience


How do I get SLES funding?

In order to apply for SLES funding, participants must be eligible for an NDIS plan.

You can choose to apply for SLES during the application process for an NDIS plan.

For those with an existing NDIS plan, an application for SLES funding can be made during the plan review period.


What services do you offers SLES clients?

Johnny H offers individualised support planing for SLES participants.

During the first phase of the SLES program, our training support staff will get to know participants in order to under which services you may benefit from most.

Those services may include:

– One-on-one appointments and support

– Travel / transport planning and training

– Industry-relevant work experience opportunities

– Group supports and activities

– Risk assessments with work experience employers

– Resume preparation skills

– Building communication skills, social skills and budgeting

Your individual plan will include short and long-term goals and the steps we will take together to reach them. Those goals may evolve over time as your skills and confidence grow.


How do I apply for SLES with Johnny H?

You can register your interest for Johnny H SLES by completing the online form HERE. Our team will be in touch shortly to take through your situation.


When should I apply for SLES?

Those who are eligible for SLES funding can register their interest for the Johnny H SLES program.

If you have any questions you would prefer to talk through over the phone, please do call our experience team on 1300 053 001. We’ll be happy to help.