Johnny H families share their experiences

Johnny H participant Andrew and mum Donna.

Before joining Johnny H adventures, my son Ben had no social skills, no social life and no real friends. He would sit at home on his iPad all day. 

Since being with Johnny H Adventures he has started to develop social skills and make new friends. 

Ben is doing things that I only ever dream of for him. 

He’s been on day trips to the Southern Highlands, horse riding in Megalong Valley, visited the wax museum and the aquarium in Darling Harbor.   The Friday night social activities are a great way for him to finish his week. The best of all was his first mini adventure/ short stay to Eden. Ben had only ever been on a school camp , so this trip was a huge step for Ben and for myself. Ben left for his trip a bit nervous and unsure. Ben stayed in amazing locations and great hotels. 

A huge highlight was Mogo Zoo where they spent hours wandering around enjoying every minute of it.  

Ben enjoyed the relaxed pace , and the car karaoke.  Ben also got to see seals on the rocks in Narooma close enough to touch. 

Ben came home a new young man with his independence growing daily because on that trip he was encouraged to make choices and to be independent. 

He is now counting down the days to his next Short Stay adventure to the Gold Coast.  

The program has opened up a whole new world for Ben who is much happier and can’t wait for the next adventure with the team. 

Thank you Johnny H, especially Ash Brammer for making Ben’s life a whole lot brighter. 

— Donna Mallas

Ella Callaghan and Connie Fowler

I still remember when my Granddaughter Ella left on her first trip overseas with Johnny H — she was only 16 ! I  was so terrified but now I see it as the moment everything changed for us all. She has never looked back.

In the past 4 years Ella has been to America , Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Rome, Paris, Abu Dhabi and New Zealand.  Japan is next.

Ella takes part in the social activities, day trips and short stays program with Johnny H Adventures. She’s gone from sitting  in her room to seeing her idols in the wax museum, Sydney Aquarium, Taronga Zoo , horse riding, aqua golf, bowling and more.

Ella has a great social life now and looks forward to the weekend instead of dreading it and getting upset about having no one to do things with.

Johnny H has given my beautiful granddaughter the life she deserves.

When it comes to finding the support your child needs, the team at Johnny H Adventures “get it”. 

I can’t thank the Johnny H Adventures team enough — I don’t know where our Ella would be without them.

— Connie Fowler

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