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Tours Depart only from Sydney?

Yes currently, all our tours start and end from Sydney Australia. If required we can work with a traveller to ensure they arrive safely in Sydney to join one of the tours. This can occur either by us organising for flights to Sydney, alternatively a tour angel can be sent to accompany the traveller to Sydney.

How do I know if these tours are suitable?

Johnny H tours are designed as a supported travel environment. Travellers need to have independent self care skills such as bathing, dressing, eating as well as carrying their own luggage. Travellers must have a general level of fitness and physical capability. These tours are not designed for high needs travellers. Unsure, ask us.

Are the tours single gender?

No, all Johnny H tours are integrated gender tours. Rooming is single sex and will be assigned in advance. Our on tour support – Tour Angels – are comprised of both male and female angels.

Can other family members / care givers come too?

Absolutely, if you want to join the tour you are more than welcome to. Just must remember that the same tour rules and expectations apply to all.

How are medications managed while on tour?

Working with you and your doctor we establish the requirements prior to departure. While on tour an audit-able procedure will be followed to ensure the correct medication is delivered at the correct times with the correct frequency. If injections are required, a specific plan will also be developed in a personal medical plan, please ask us for more details.

How about valuable management, like passports etc? How does this get managed on tour?

Passports are secured by the Chief Tour Angel after each use with our own GPS tracked tour safe. Debit cards and other currency related valuables are also secured the same way. Other valuables such as jewellery are not catered for and it is recommended that these are not brought on tour.

On tour what is the ratio of host staff to travellers?

We have a ratio of 1:6 for most tours, although at certain times on tour for certain activities this will be increased to 1:4. This ensures that the attention to traveller support is aligned with the specific activity.