Johnny H Cadets

Johnny H Cadets is an active group program for those aged 14 to 17 years with a mild to moderate intellectual or developmental disability.

Servicing the Nepean and Blue Mountains regions, Cadets runs centre-based activities and day trips on weekends and during school holidays.

Cadets is designed to provide participants with opportunities to explore new places and enjoy new experiences within a supportive social group.

Social inclusion and transition

Developing a social network outside of school and family is a valuable investment in a child’s long-term well-being. Providing early opportunities for a teen to adapt and develop new peer relationships makes the transition to life beyond school less of a shock. With a social peer network already in place ensures a sense of community, belonging and inclusion is maintained. Johnny H Cadets aims to provide school-aged participants with these opportunities to develop peer relationships within a fun and supported setting.

♦ Connection ♦ Community ♦ Confidence

Johnny H Cadets is due to commence in 2021 

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