Welcome to Johnny H Adventures

Johnny H Adventures is our flagship program which offers supported group opportunities for late teens and young adults including weekly social activities, day trips, short trips and even global travel. 



Once or twice a year we head overseas. Past Destinations include New Zealand, Singapore, USA, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Hong Kong, UAE. NDIS support is available for part of the cost, plus a participant contribution covering airfares, accommodation, activities and meals. Overseas adventures are an amazing opportunity for participants to build life skills, independence and enjoy new experiences. The confidence gained on these trips is life changing.


Ranging from 3, 4 or 5 nights away, our short adventures are designed to develop independent living skills and offer families a short break. As well as seeing new sights and taking on new experiences, participants get plenty of hands on opportunities to build life skills such as cooking, shopping and packing. Short Adventure destinations have included the Gold Coast, Canberra, Mid North Coast NSW and South Coast NSW.


Overnight adventures are an ideal opportunity for participants to experience a short time away from family. Participants travel by bus from our central hub to destinations with a few hours, including Canberra, Wollongong, Bathurst, Dubbo and Newcastle. travelling within a small group, participants have the opportunity to see new sights, take part in activities, stay in accommodation and eat out at a local restaurant. All of these experiences help to build capacity and confidence.


Day adventures involve travelling a short distance to visit destinations in and around Sydney. Our day trips tend to be activity or attraction focussed, including horse riding, the zoo, a day at the beach or amusement park. Participants have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, visit new places and develop skills within a social group. These active adventures run for 7-9 hours, allowing for a full day out and about with friends old and new.


Johnny H offers weekly opportunities for participants to socialise within a small group. These activities are offered from our central hub and also to locations within the local community, such as mini golf, bowling, aqua golf or watching the Penrith Panthers home games. Social activities introduce and encourage participants to engage with their peers and build firm friendships.


Johnny H provides regular opportunities for participants to build independent life skill within a small group. Capacity building focus areas include money management, using public transport, helping out around the home to name but a few. These skills are invaluable for participants to increase their independence and confidence over time.



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