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Johnny H Adventures, offered by Pure Traveller, is an active program for people with a mild to moderate intellectual or developmental disability who want to enjoy new experiences, make firm friends and develop new skills in a safe and supported setting. Our team has decades of experience in both disability support and global travel. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you — let’s see it together!


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What our families say

Ann-Maree Kime recommends Johnny H Adventures.

If  anyone is getting NDIS funding and wants their kids to experience travelling overseas or do days trips or overnight trips, look up Johnny H Adventures.

This organisation has changed my Dan’s life. He has been to the zoo, to the Darling Harbour aquarium, wax museum and the animal exhibition, Chinatown, ten pin bowling, aqua golf, and to the Southern Highlands. Johnny H can also look after your NDIS plans. I truly can’t recommend them enough.

— Ann-Maree Kime


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